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Bone Health and Osteoporosis Demonstration

Superfoods for Health: What You Need to Know

The term “superfood” is a buzzword that refers to food items that provide you with quality nutrients. Moreover, some items stand out among others by possessing antioxidants, anticancer elements, and help for healing. These are the best superfoods for health. Scientifically, there is no single food item that provides all the dietary requirements you need. Eating a variety of foodstuffs like poultry, fish, meats, produce, beans and others help your body get the necessary nutrients from different sources. Commercially there...

5 Steps to Reduce Mental Distractions

Mental distractions are inevitable struggles when we think deeply or try to focus on a task. At work, we can be overwhelmed with tons of ideas that find their ways—uninvited—to our minds. The same often happens to pupils while studying. Learning how to reduce mental distractions is an important part of life. Some people have a high aptitude for targeted focus over long periods of time. Others don’t. Causes can vary from individual to individual, and can be genetic or...

Essential Nutrients for Brain Health

Scientists have raised many ambitious questions surrounding essential nutrients for brain health. The brain’s health has long tantalized the world’s best researchers, due to the sophisticated functions that make up your mind. Physiologically, your brain is like the top manager’s office at the headquarters of a company. It steers your consciousness and controls all of your body’s functions. Among body systems, your brain is one of the most valuable. It is therefore one of the most important to maintain. Your...

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