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How Powerful Is the Paleo Diet? Pros and Cons

by Kenna Castleberry  There have been a lot of fad diets in the recent decades, and paleo is no exception. If you’re curious about starting a new diet, Paleo is fairly easy to get into and gives pretty significant results.  Simply put, a paleo diet is built upon the foods that are similar to the diet of ancient hunter-gatherers during the Paleolithic era, which was approximately  2.5 million to 10,000 years ago.  Basically, you eat like a Neanderthal.  “A paleo...

5 Ways to Increase Your Productivity through Office Feng Shui

By Kenna Castleberry  Being at home during this social distancing has put a strain on our productivity. There’s been more procrastination, drinking, and TV watching now more than ever.  We try to set up our home offices to be our spaces for concentration and productivity, but it’s hard to do both when kids are yelling in the background, the dog needs to be let outside or there’s construction going on down the street.  While these are just a few of...

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The Best Teas for Boosting Your Metabolism

By Kenna Castleberry A typical person can drink anywhere from two to even ten cups of tea a day. Most health professionals recommend around three to five cups a day, depending on what type of tea you want to drink.  I, for one, am a huge fan of caffeinated tea, as it gives me the energy boost I need in the morning, without the coffee breath. Plus, there seems to be a lot more flavor options when it comes to...

How to Teach Mindfulness to Your Kids in Moments of Crisis

Years back, when I worked as a teacher, one of the most fun and yet peaceful activities I used to do with the kiddos was yoga poses. The idea was not to make kids learn yoga, but to pass along mindfulness teaching to calm their minds and bodies. With that, we could transition easily to another activity. We live in a world of “hyperactivity,” where we receive stimulus through all sources, especially from the technology surrounding us—smartphones, social media, tv,...

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